1 Selection of
the origin and the bean

The most important things do not happen in our cocoa laboratory, they happen thousands of kilometers away. It is here where traditional knowledge and processes intermeld with the human urge to refine, develop and grow, which is what makes the difference for all of us.

We always say that we do as little as possible to intervene in order to respect and value our supplier’s work. Traditional harvesting and processing techniques refined at the origin enable us to deliver to the consumer a bean that has been as denatured as possible. Thereby ensuring every ounce represents the origin as much as possible.

Fermentation and drying

It is this very relationship with each of the local producers that has allowed us to experiment, innovate and enrich each production process. Fermentation creates the ideal conditions for the formation of aroma and flavours. Drying is carried out in the sun.

These artisan processes are also what gives the cocoa its personality, and therefore creating a sapid link back to the land from where it is grown.

 3 Roasting

Once we receive these fruits, the careful bean to bean selection begins.

Low-temperature roasting helps to develop the secondary aromas. Once again, this is a very careful process in which the time and temperature varies depending on the cocoa and the desired result.

This is how we can obtain different flavour notes from the same cocoa, and this is where the master makes his mark.

4 Preparation of the tablet

We continue the production process with the grinding. It is an artisan and delicate process to ensure that the cocoa is smooth on the palate, as is the mixture with the different ingredients, mainly sugar.

Once again, Juan Ángel Rodrigálvarez’s mastery is once again in our favour.

We flee from conventions and pre-established schemes. . A percentage does not mark anything; it is the subtle combination of factors and manoeuvres that allow us to extract new experiences from cocoa.

5 Experimentation

Kankel’s own character is shaped in its bakery.

For a year and a half before its launch, we experimented with each variety and origin, and every two or three days a different cocoa bar was produced.

Today that spirit endeavors,in a constant search for new flavours that offer you intense sensations.

We are rebels: playfully experimenting and challenging any encapsulated thoughts you may have about cocoa.