Truffles made with
DOC º Rioja Wine

What you have in front of you embodies the truth of La Rioja, the perfect marriage of two delectable worlds: wine and cocoa.


The best ideas arise from challenges that question and squeeze your mind…what if? Well, what would happen if we sealed a ganache of creamy wine and its aromas, in a black chocolate? And what if we were to encase this delicacy in a shell made with grape skins. Inside is contained 100% tempranillo, a widely imitated wine due to its flavour and popularity globally.


Surely it would reveal to our palate a wide range of aromatic sensations, a pleasurable balance between our mouths and the retronasal aromas. A truffle in which wine is the only authentic protagonist, a divine sin, a single bite, a bite that will take you directly to La Rioja. Made with the La Rioja varieties of excellence: White Tempranillo, White Maturana (which is only grown in La Rioja), Viura and Malvasia.