Kankel Cacao was born from a desire to create a personal, delicate, sophisticated and genuine experience through cacao.

A Project initiated by, premio a Juan Ángel Rodrigálvarez, named Best Pastrycook- Confectioner 2010 by the Royal Spanish Academy of Gastronomy, among many other awards: Miembro del Equipo Nacional Rimini 2007-Oro, MIP (Madrid International Pastry 2021) in Madrid Fusión Award for Career, Research and Development, International Chocolate Taster of the International Chocolate Institute, Secretary of the “Bean to bar” association of Spain and trainer of the “Bean to bar” in schools such as GASMA, CIB. And also at the ¨Bean to bar¨ school in Madrid.

His experience of more than 30 years and his own personal way of understanding the world of cacao are transformed into flavours which are both pure and complex at the same time. His expertise specialises in the appreciation of this fascinating product of the land: cacao.

The purpose of Kankel Cacao is that through the flavours and sensations of cacao we endeavour to bring a portion of the land from which it was born.

Why cocoa?
Why “Bean to bar”?

Its literal translation means “from the bean to the bar”, it is an international movement that was born in the United States a couple of decades ago in order to make the best possible chocolate. He realized that it was necessary to start from the origin from the terroir.

With a simple internet search we can see the benefits of what the Mayans called the “Food of the Gods“, High quality chocolate represents a healthy food with a high antioxidant power as well as many other properties.

It puts us in a good mood.

Leaving these conclusive facts aside, the true nature of the Kankel was conceived years ago. Juan Ángel Rodrigálvarez’s tireless search for the ultimate production of cocoa. His unwavering tenacity, through talks and cocoa tastings, has ultimately always been fuelled by a yearning to raise awareness of what good chocolate is. Teaching people to escape the mistreatment to which this delicacy has been subjected. His concern for people to understand, acquire and recognise which chocolate really represents always ended with the same thought: I could do and give much more if I made my own chocolate.

This is how his passion for chocolate grew, as did his mastery of chocolate making until Kankel became a reality. Teaching people to escape the mistreatment to which this delicacy has been subjected.

Fair trade

Approximately 90% of the cocoa produced worldwide comes from families who farm in small fields of less than five hectares, with many unaware of the value of their products. At Kankel we value this complex work, buying directly from the producers and visiting the plantations. We know their daily work and the quality of the cocoa. Participate in Fairtrade for all of them. There is a close relationship with local producers who are a vital part of the Kankel chain. It is thanks to these close working contacts, underlaid with fundamental trust that Kankel can offer these genuine and special Bean to Bar chocolates.

Organic food

Overexploitation and non-organic agriculture have caused irreparable damage to the environment in these regions, especially in the last decade. Kankel Cacao’s philosophy demands a fundamental respect for the product and its processes, from the plantations to consumers, and ultimately a respect for the land that gives us its fruits.